Kundalini Yoga Cookbook.  Vegetarian feasts for family and friends. Co-author: Ek Ong Kar Singh Published by Gaia imprint of Octopus/Hamlyn. Now available in three languages.

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By Martha Venice "Martha Venice" True to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, this is a beautiful, in-depth book on Kundalini Yoga. Academic, insightful and very informative, yet the recipes are creative, fun and imaginative. Making Healing Water as described by the author was something I introduced to my students, and they loved it. I wanted a book on Kundalini Yoga, and I got more than what I had expected. This is the total Kundalini Yoga book, not just a cookbook. It is worth its price. I am looking forward to the sequel.

By Anne Rogers (New York U.S) Best Cooking book I ever used. Many new ideas, that changed the way I think of cooking many pictures easy to cook with fun and intersting to read all the long many meditations for detox, and health,Yoga exercises and mantras. I recommend this book to everyone this is unuiqe and amazing book.  Very good for special diets and for every day life, special chapter food for woman, with many healing ideas for woman. I gave this book as Xmas gifts for my friends and family, and all of them liked it, hope you will as well.

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Fun With Sun Yoga.  Yoga Cards and Booklet for Children's Yoga.  Co-author: Theodora Barenholtz Published by Sun Yoga   


The Fun With Sun Yoga Cards and Guidebook offers children hours of yoga fun through postures and games. The cards were designed by a physical therapist and experienced yoga teacher to foster healthy development in children and provide the opportunity for sensory integration, reflex integration, motor development, creative learning, and dynamic thinking and develops self-confidence. 

The 52 cards are divided and color coded.  For each pose, the guidebook gives a description of how to do the pose, the therapeutic benefits and creative ideas. The guidebook offers endless hours of creative yoga fun.

Live Patanjali! Yoga Wisdom for Everyday Living. Published by Sun Yoga.


Book  review by Suzi Feay of The Independent, UK: 

Excerpts serialised in Yoga Magazine UK, USA and Italy for six consecutive months from March to October 2009.
Peaceful Warrior Handbook. Art by Lisette Scheers. Published by Sun Yoga.


Find Happiness by spreading it and make our world a better place. It is as children that we see most clearly the needs of the world which we are creating. Sir Adrian Cadbury, Chairman of the UK Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance

The Science and Philosophy of Teaching Yoga & Yoga Therapy. Co-author: Theodora Barenholtz Published by Sun Yoga

The Science & Philosophy of Teaching Yoga & Yoga Therapy by Jacqueline Koay and Theodora Barenholtz follows the American Yoga Alliance standards. The renaissance of yoga has created Western-style yoga schools, professional organizations offering accreditation and the blending of yoga into modern medicine. This is the first ever comprehensive yoga textbook that meets the American Yoga Alliance standard for yoga teachers. The book includes the required major components 1) Anatomy and Physiology, 2) Technique 3) Teaching Method, 4) Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle, 5) Practical Application. In addition the use of yoga as alternative medicine is included. Orthopedic, neurological and medical diseases are presented with corresponding yoga to promote healing. Connecting the mind body and spirit, this book bridges yoga as an ancient science for healthy living with modern world living. The book is suitable as part of a western medical training curriculum and as a guide for yoga teachers and therapists to deepen their yoga practice. The easy to follow format makes this book good both for professionals and for laymen searching to improve their overall health and well being.

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