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Who I have become: Growing up Free Range and Organic
~ shared by: Lilly Richardson, yoga teacher, fashion designer


Looking back at my early childhood, I cannot remember a sad moment. When my grandma died, my memory of her was watching her horses gallop round the field with such speed and happiness as my dad scattered her ashes. That night, as he took my sister and I to put the animals to bed, we made a wish on the biggest shooting star I have ever seen.

Everything my parents taught me had reason to it, without explanation. I didn't need one. My dad showed us how to kill a chicken whilst telling us how every part of its body can be used - none of it was ever wasted. My mother would take us to the garden and place our hands over the plants - we would imagine healing them with the power of Reiki to help them grow fast and strong. I would spend every day barefoot outside with nature, talking to the fairies, trees and animals I saw, making mud pies, sand castles, fairy chains, and only coming inside when the evening dew began to chill my hands and toes. Coming inside where we would be fed the season’s ripe foods that my parents had grown and the fresh cows’ milk that they had milked and the home-baked spelt bread they had cooked. I was never burdened with my parents problems, whether it was arguments, money problems or how we didn't know the alphabet or times table like the other children they knew.

When I was seven years old, I went to my first lesson at a school set up by Rudolf Steiner - designed to give children's creativity a chance to flow freely. Before the ages of seven, I couldn't read, write or count to 10, but by the age of eleven, when I went to a normal government-funded state school, I was in the top set for English and Science (which I had never studied before), as well as knowing how to grow fruits and vegetables, knit jumpers, scarfs, all types of toys, and draw, whittle, sculpt and paint like there was no tomorrow. Because I was never forced to learn, wear uniforms, finish homework by deadlines, or fit in with hierarchy of friend groups in school, my eagerness to learn was so great that I did it with enjoyment. 

My mother recently told me the key to bringing us up the way we are. She told us that anything was possible. Whenever we asked to do something, she would say "yes" always, whether it was fly to the moon or stay in a 10-star hotel in Australia and never come back. If we asked again when it was going to happen, she still would say yes, but she would suggest another idea that was similar, or more within her means, and we would accept it with eagerness, even if it never happened, because deep down, we knew everything was still possible. She would teach us the power of manifestation, and karma, how we have many lives and that we are all connected.  

As we grow up, we forget the dreams we had as children, as those dreams become dampened by our friends and relatives who have had their own dreams shattered by others. But having such a positive environment to grow up in, I have witnessed so many of my dreams come true. From the ages of 14 onwards, I began to dislike being at school. My freedom was limited to when I got home and winter darkness was already closing in. So after 2 weeks of attending my local college, I left my education behind and watched my CV grow bigger than anyone else's I know.

In the last four years, I have managed to compete in the sailing youth nationals, horse riding competitions, work in a forge (welding and metal work), work for several different fashion companies (making haute couture hats and costumes for blockbuster movies), model my own dress designs and choreograph photo-shoots. Whilst learning new things and modern ways, moving to the big city and making news friends with different views on life, I have managed to stay connected to Nature and came across Yoga, which became my rock. I could relate to its ancient teachings easily (I still believe in fairies!) and it soon became my main enjoyment. When I next saw Jack, a dear friend of my uncles’, she asked me to come and train to be a yoga teacher at Sun Yoga in Kuala Lumpur and Tbilisi. I accepted the offer and have never looked back! It has opened so many doorways for me, and if it has taught me anything, it has given me the ability to thoroughly express to friends, family and people around me, why life is so beautiful, and how powerful we truly are.

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