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(Photography by Gianinna Salas)

Balancing: your relationship with gravity (YouTube clip)

Book review: Live Patanjali! Yoga Wisdom for Everyday Living
by Suzy Feay, Independent Newspaper, UK

Raw Food (YouTube clip)

Recipe: Ancient Amaranth Pudding Delight (pdf document)

The Can Melcion Cookbook ~ Sunshine Food All Year Round

Fair Trade Fashion (YouTube clip)

The Science and Philsophy of Teaching Yoga and Yoga Therapy ~
sample chapter
(pdf document)

Article on yoga therapy (pdf document)

Child’s yoga practice poster (pdf document)

Corporate an academic articles

jk sofa

Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research B. The Oxford Scanning Proton Microprobe (Co-author GW Grime, RA Osborn)

Journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry                                         

Pensions World