NEW BOOK - Barefoot in the City

Barefoot in The City is not a prescriptive parenting book. It is a manifesto for living a gentler and kinder life that is closer to Nature and its rhythm, even if you live in the midst of a busy, bustling city. It is about preserving the values of traditional family life for our children whilst educating them on the needs of a changing world, so that they grow into successful people who are aware, heart-centred, compassionate and wise.

It is the roadmap for a magical journey with your children into adulthood and equipping them with the necessary tools to enable them to succeed in an uncertain future.

It is a book written by a barefoot beachcombing yogi mum who has four grown-up children and a pre-teen who are an investment banker, a British Naval Officer, a London-based property developer and a University student, and one 12 year old daughter who is currently going through the process of enjoying a barefoot childhood of hanging out in the garden, looking after animals, kicking a ball, making things and winning a cabinetful of gold medals.

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A5 cover

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